Ghibli & Wirbel



Ghibli & Wirbel SpA Head Office, in Pavia, Italy

Founded in 1968 by Luigi Besostri, Ghibli & Wirbel SpA is a leader in manufacture of professional and industrial vacuum cleaners, single disc machines and scrubbers characterized by sturdiness, efficiency and complicity of use. For over 40 years, Ghibli and Wirbel has been working for a cleaner world.

Everyday, the appliances designed in the Ghibli and Wirbel factory in Dorno, Pavia, help professional cleaners get their job done. All over the world. Quality at the right price is Ghibli & Wirbel’s top priority. The R&D department back by cutting-edge technology constantly strives to design new models and improve current products. This includes machine efficiency, ergonomics, noise reduction, energy savings and new materials and techniques that makes Ghibli and Wirbel machines simpler, tougher, more efficient and versatile.

Ghinli is an ISO9001:2008 and IQNET certified company since 1995