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Established in 1987, TTS Systems is the No. 1 Italian manufacturer of professional cleaning supplies. They have always aimed at quality and innovation through their product and service range. TTS products are designed for all market needs: from hotels to restaurants, offices to schools and airports.

Today, TTS is present in more than 75 countries and more than 3000 products. All TTS products are 100% made in Italy and built to last! They are a perfect combination of Italian style and cleaning practicality.


Research and Development

TTS always put customers first. That’s why TTS guarantees that customers will be supported by continual and qualified assistance. This is made possible due to training courses, seminars and careful product R&D activity. 

Speedy customer service is one of TTS major assets. Ample stock availability and branches placed in strategic points abroad guarantee fast deliveries all over the world.

TTS proposals are the result of continual research laboratory development. Each solution is the synthesis of an ongoing exchange with end users and the market. TTS wants to anticipate operators’ working by selecting the best, light and resistant materials, which can with stand the proof of time. TTS is certified ISO 9001:2008, a quality guarantee. But the greatest acknowledgement comes from customers and collaborators daily.


Training Courses


TTS Products

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TTS products stand out immediately. Each one is designed to support an operator in a simple, intuitive, professional and “modular” way.

“Systems” are the central point for TTS. A vast range of products develop around them to satisfy any cleaning need. Ergonomic study of products guarantees perfect balance for the final cleaning system.

Product after product, innovation after innovation, TTS satisfies a wide range of cleaning needs, such as hotels, restaurants, industrial buildings, hospitals, offices, schools, airports, etc.