5 Maintenance tips for Sweepers

Good care for Sweepers are simple and helps to improve product life and reduce machine failures. Here are some simple steps to maintain your Sweepers.


1. Storage Conditions

Keep sweeper dry. Work in dry conditions. Store in dry area. Sweepers are generally meant to suck dry materials and operate in dry circumstances. The vacuum motor and filters are sensitive to water and wet conditions. A wet filter cannot allow good airflow and will cause vacuum motor failure. Therefore, never wash down a sweeper. Wipe it using a damp cloth at most.

2. Brush Maintenance

Remove any hair / string wrapped around the main brush.

3. Operator’s Maintenance

Clean the dust filters regularly by vibrating the filters every 15 minutes of sweeping operation.

4. Dust Filter Maintenance

Take the dust filters out to check and clean.

5. Machine Part Checks

Regularly check the other oil levels (e.g. hydraulic oil, engine oil) and filters (e.g. hydraulic filter, engine air intake filter).

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