Benefits of Autoscrubbers

Autoscrubbers integrate both scrubbing and vacuuming in one machine. Clean solution or chemicals are used to scrub the floor and the waste solution is then vacuumed into a separate tank to be dispensed later. Therefore, it leaves the floor clean and dry in a single pass.




Autoscrubber leaves the floor clean and dry immediately. It is highly productive compared to traditional mop and bucket cleaning method.


Autoscrubbers leave floors dry and therefore will be safe for the users. Cutting down on slip-and-fall related accidents due to wet floors can have a huge benefit on your company’s reputation.


Autoscrubbers provide cleaner results as the dirty water is vacuumed back without contaminating the clean water tank.


With a dramatic increase in productivity, just a small autoscrubber can clean up to five times faster than a mop and bucket system. This translates to minimising staffing costs and detergent costs.

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