Brushes or Pads

Different tools are suitable for different cleaning environment. When selecting between a brush or pad for your machines, here are a few selection criteria.


Suitable for uneven floors as brush bristles can clean into grooves. Besides, brushes are more long lasting than pads with significantly less wear and tear.

Cylindrical Brush

Best for uneven floors and deep grooves. It is differentiated by bristle thickness and material.

  • 0.35 mm for escalator cleaning and general scrubbing
  • 0.5 mm is hard brush
  • 0.2 mm is soft brush for more sensitive floors

Most suitable for Rotowash

Rotary Brushes


More common and widely available. It is differentiated by bristle thickness and material.

  • 0.3 mm is soft brush for uneven floors and carpets
  • 0.6 mm is universal brush
  • 0.9 mm is hard brush which is not recommended

Most suitable for Scrubbing Machines


Suitable for smooth floors without deep grooves to give higher standard of cleaning. Cannot clean into grooves. High cleaning efficiency.


White used for high speed burnishing and sensitive floors like marble.

red-padRed is universal, can be used for both low speed (150 RPM) scrubbing and high speed (1500 RPM) burnishing.


Blue is suitable for rougher indoor scrubbing.


Black is for low speed rough scrubbing and wax stripping.


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