Care for Batteries and Chargers

Knowing some basic information on your batteries and chargers will help lengthen the life of your equipments and prevent accidents and injury.


AGM Batteries (Absorbed Glass Mat)

  • Acid is contained in a sealed battery with fibreglass matting inside.
  • Lifespan between 14 – 16 months.

Wet batteries

  • Battery is not sealed and liquid acid requires regular topping with distilled water.
  • Lifespan up to 24 months if maintained properly.
  • We use made-in-USA Trojan batteries for their legendary durability and performance.


  • Avoid using other chargers with our machines to avoid damaging the batteries.
  • It is important to charge the battery fully after using the machine. Full charge is achieved when the light on the charger is green and the Ampmeter shows 0 Amps (usually after 8 hours).
  • There is no danger of overcharging as our chargers have built-in auto cut-off once they detect the battery is full. Therefore, you can safely leave the charger plugged in overnight.

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