How good cleaning products and chemicals will help

Just like a chef requires good quality knifes, pots and pans, using good quality cleaning products will greatly speed up your cleaning productivity and effectiveness.


Example: SYR Freedom Mops are better constructed and built with a better fiber such that they clean much better compared to normal mops. A whopping 50% improvement!



By using SYR Presto Spot Mop for spot cleaning a crowded area, you can remove any unsightly footprints and soils and the floors remain dry.

Continuing the chef analogy, a good chef also requires good spices and sauces to bring out the flavours. Good cleaning chemicals can dramatically improve the cleaning results.


Take removing the tyre marks as example, just running an autoscrubber with water will not achieve any results. The addition of Low Foam at 1:40 dilution rate brings you instant results. Good chemicals will also be non-staining and free rinsing. Properly diluted, our SuperSteam chemicals are formulated to be easily rinsed off without leaving slippery residues behind.

The myth of costs

The difference between the cost of professional quality cleaning products and household variety of cleaning tools is actually not too much, often only 20 – 30% more. However, the lifespan, effectiveness and productivity gained more than justify the cost differences, especially for the cleaning professional and the discerning user.

Our Ultra23 Microfiber Cloth is a very high performance microfiber cloth that cleans well and lasts for up to 3 months of heavy usage. Available in 4 colours, this aids to colour coding and prevents cross contamination. Yet only costs slightly more than a normal “Good Morning” cloth (which lasts for only 2 weeks for professional cleaning).

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