How to Choose a Good Steamer

Compared to domestic steam cleaners, professional steam cleaners are expected to work longer hours non-stop without any long term loss of steam power. Therefore, features to look out for when choosing a good steamer are:

Steam Pressure

At least 6 Bar steam pressure to be effective for professional cleaning.

Separate Water Tank

This allows safe and continuous refilling of water into the boiler. Before this deployment, users had to wait for the boiler to depressurise, then they could refill the boiler, and then they had to wait for another 10 min to start up. The current 24 x 7 continuous steam technology allows for non-stop filling of water into the steamer without the need for any interruptions for reboiling.

Steam Temperature

This refers to the temperature of the steam in the boiler under pressure. Steam temperature of 150 – 160 °C is sufficient, resulting in a consistent nozzle temperature of 100 – 120 °C.

Ready-to-use Time

Tecnovap’s steamers features the world’s fastest boiler based steam cleaner ready time at 3.5 min. A shorter ready time allows you to conveniently deploy the steam cleaner with much lesser hassle.

Steam Flow Rate

The higher the flow rate, the faster the cleaning. Junior Star Max produces 97 gram of steam per minute (g/min) compared to domestic version delivering only 40 g/min.

Boiler Cleaning

Over time, the boiler will be covered with a layer of calcium deposits, which originate from the impurities in our water supply. Steamers from competitors require vinegar or acidic cleaners to dissolve the deposits.

Tecnovap’s solution is a special boiler and heater design that uses the convection currents generated during operations to break down the calcium deposits as they form. The deposits are then drained off at the bottom of the boiler.

Type of Boiler

Aluminium boiler is too fragile and not reliable for professional usage. Tecnovap’s boilers are all made of AISI 304 stainless steel and welded with tungsten inert gas welding.

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