Maintenance tips for High Pressure Jets

With proper care and maintenance for your high pressure jets, the equipment can be used for years with no problems.

Proper Usage and Care

Powering ON the Hawk

  1. Plug in both the hose and trigger gun / contractor lance to the machine and then turn on the water.
  2. Let the water and air bubbles to flow out till the water stream becomes smooth.
  3. Switch on motor.

NEVER Switch on motor when there are still air bubbles in the machine!

Powering OFF the Hawk

  1. Switch off the motor first.
  2. Turn off the water inlet. Always switch off motor first.

Never leave motor running without water flowing.

During Operation 

  1. Make sure that there is sufficient water going into the Hawk high pressure jet. Incoming water supply must be at least 11 L / min.
  2. Always use the Hawk machine on level ground and not on slopes.
  3. Always spray downwards and downstairs instead of upwards and upstairs.

Avoid extension wires

With longer extension wires, the voltage (V) decreases and causes the current (A) increase. Such setting may damage motor due to the high operating temperature. To avoid overheating, we recommend not to use extension wires with the high pressure jet.

Hawk Components

hawk-components-1 hawk-components-2

High Pressure Hose


Prevention / Problems

Use 3/8’’ hose instead of 1/4’’ hose. When there is leakage, do not use the hose.


Call our service hotline for repair. We have in-house hose cutting and crimping machines.

Coupling Area


Prevention / Problems

Leakage at the coupling joints at high pressure hose.


Change the O-ring.

Motor Oil


Prevention / Problems

  1. Check the motor oil always clear and it is around 1/2 – 3/4 mark.
  2. When the oil is milky.
  3. When the oil is dark.


  1. Check daily.
  2. Call our service hotline because it is highly possible that the oil seal has broken. We will have to send our technician down for repair.
  3. Change the motor oil. Use SAE 30 to 40 grade of engine lubricant.



Prevention / Problems

Check wire daily for cuts.


If there is a cut and copper is exposed, call our service team to replace the wire.

Contractor Lance


Prevention / Problems

Protect the nozzle because sands might stuck at the nozzle and affect the pressure.


Never leave the nozzle on the floor (especially on sandy surface).




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