ProBrush Product Care

A correct use will maintain the best hygiene of your working areas and products. Please follow these instructions:

  • Thoroughly clean each item after use, possibly in autoclave at 130°C or in boiling water, in order to remove bacteria
  • Allow to dry completely
  • Use only when cool
  • Hang brushes to store in order to help maintain the filaments in best conditions
  • In order to avoid contamination, change your items when the base is cracked or the filaments are worn or discoloured

Probrush range carries products of high quality and durability. They are also:

  • Long-lasting
  • Hard-wearing
  • Washable in autoclave at 130°C / 270°F
  • Heat tolerant
  • Detergent resistant
  • Rust proof
  • Non-absorbent, dries from water in short time
  • Manufactured only with raw materials approved for food grade


Probrush products are suitable for: 


Food Processing Factories and Commercial Kitchens

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