Use Cases for Steam Cleaners


Steam is a natural and highly effective cleaning technology. Companies benefit when they clean with steam. Not only do they save on detergents, lesser effort is also needed to achieve a cleaner environment.

Many companies worldwide, such as hotels, commercial kitchens, hospitals, childcare centres, factories etc, have adopted industrial steam cleaning as an integral part of their cleaning & maintenance programs.

Food Industry & Kitchen Use Cases

Kills Bacteria, Removes Grease

SuperSteam’s steamers are widely used in commercial kitchens and food factories. With no water splashing or cross contamination, the steamer is designed to ensure food safety and meet HACCP standards. Steam cleaning without chemicals ensures that no chemical traces are left behind in machine, surfaces or containers that have contact with food.


Melts grease like butter and works 3x faster than manual scrubbing


165 °C superheated steam to kill bacteria and leaves floors clean, oil-free and dry


Clean hard-to-reach edges effectively and sanitises surfaces, especially critical control points

Recommended Equipments:


Junior Star Max for steam cleaning, vacuuming, hot water & chemical injection.


General Cleaning and Toilets Use Cases

Clean Naturally with Steam!

Steam cleaners are extremely useful in general cleaning, toilet maintenance and hotel housekeeping due to its sanitising effect. Therefore, the steam cleaning and sanitation system has been widely used in places such as hotels, schools, hospitals, kitchens, swimming pool, houses etc.

With SuperSteam’s steamer, it is now possible to clean and thoroughly sanitise various surfaces such as wall, floor, window, toilet bowl, stove, bed, carpet, sofa, curtain etc. As it is increasingly important to protect your users of your facility from bacteria-caused diseases, steam cleaners will be the solution to conduct regular sanitation in your facility.


  • Sanitise toilet bowls and sinks
  • Give sparkle to toilets
  • Remove awful smells
  • Kill mould and bacteria



  • Kill bed bugs and dust mites
  • Clean hard-to-reach area and grouts easily
  • Protect your loved ones during infectious diseases outbreaks such as SARS
  • Deep thorough cleaning



  • Sanitise without using chemicals
  • Deep clean carpet and upholstery
  • Mop floor with convenient steam mop


Recommended Equipments:


Gal 6 Bar for professional steam cleaning

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Use Cases

Chemical-Free & Effective

Time saving in-situ cleaningAs HVAC units filter and process air, it is extremely important to keep the filter and condenser coils clean. Compared to chemical cleaning method which leaves behind toxic traces, steam cleaning method is effective, convenient and safe to use. Besides, steam cleaning can be carried out without using chemicals, which can cause breathing problems or aggravate allergies in some people. Benefits of steam cleaning include:

  • Blast through 8” coils, effectively clear chokes, grease and ice
  • Dry and not messy, gentle on fins
  • Kills bacteria
  • Regular cleaning without chemicals
  • No chemical reaction waiting time
  • Improve airflow and thus save electricity


Recommended Equipments


Gal 6 Bar for domestic and wall-mounted FCU


Junior Star Max (HVAC version) for commercial FCU and ceiling cassette unit


Steam Tech 12000 for commercial AHU

Car Cleaning Use Cases

Car Interiors

Steam cleaners clean your car interiors effectively thanks to the special steam care at high temperature. Steam disinfects, sanitises and removes odours and bacteria. Steam cleaning method allows elimination of mites and allergens. Our Junior Star Max steam cleaner can clean and vacuum in a single pass.


Car Exteriors

Different from the current cleaning systems, steam penetrates into the pores of the varnish and allows removal of dirt and wax residuals. Your car varnish will shine and glitter. It cleans grooves and tight corner easily. Moulds and fungus on car exteriors can be killed by steam. Steam also leave glasses clear, shiny and clean upon cleaning.



Recommended Equipments:


Junior Star Max for whole car cleaning


Gal 6 Bar for exteriors & leather



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