When Chemicals Go Bad

chemicals-bottlesIn their original packaging, SuperSteam’s chemicals can be safely stored for 1 year from the date of manufacture without turning bad because our factory follows a strict ISO 22000 process of using sterilised water and a strict hygiene regimen.

Why then do handsoap and floor cleaners spoil? In most cases releasing an unmistakeable foul odour which is caused by contamination.

Examples of Contamination


Contamination in handsoap dispensers happens when the containers are not washed properly. Any contamination that enters (water or dirt) will remain inside and then bacteria grows. It may take weeks or months before the handsoap turns foul.

Floor Cleaners

By pre-diluting floor cleaners for storage with ordinary tap water, we risk contaminating the container and contents. Unsterilised tap water contain bacteria and this bacteria will breed in the used containers, especially if kept unused for some time.

What to do when the container is contaminated?

  • Pour away the contaminated chemicals
  • Thoroughly wash (preferably with hot water) and dry the container
  • The interior of the container must be totally dry
  • Handsoap containers to be washed and dried at regular intervals, at least once every quarter
  • Do not pre-dilute original chemicals for storage or distribution
  • Remember to wash the mops and mop buckets and keep the cleaning tools clean and dry

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