Alcogel (403)

Alcoholic Gel Sanitiser

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Alcogel (403) is a gel hand sanitiser, killing 99.999% of germs without water. Perfect for food establishments and kitchens. Ready to use product, no dilution required.

5 Important Benefits

  • Highly effective (99.999% effectiveness BS EN 1040:2005 standard)
  • Rinse free and non-sticky, no residue left behind
  • Fast drying, skin friendly formula, suitable for women and children
  • Non-toxic, safe to use (Corn derived ethanol)
  • No added fragrance or colouring

Alcogel (403) is available in 5 L and 500 mL packaging. MOQ = 1 carton (5 x 5L) or 1 carton (12 x 500mL) 

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Key Features

Child friendly

Child friendly

Gel does not splash into eyes, non-toxic corn derived ethanol

Designed to sanitise hands

Designed to sanitise hands

Moisturising and gentle to hands

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Chemical NameAlcogel
Chemical Code403
Packaging5L ( 0880-AlcoGel ) / 500 mL ( 0880-AlcoGel-P )
MOQ1 carton ( 5 x 5 L ) / 1 carton ( 12 x 500 mL )

Shelf life is 12 months from manufacturing date in unopened container.