DoubleStrip (312)

Floor Wax Stripper

DoubleStrip is a powerful floor polish remover that easily dissolves old wax into a soluble solution for easy removal. Complete removal of old wax is essential before waxing and polishing the floor in order to give a shiny and glossy appearance. With a moderate pH 12, DoubleStrip can remove old wax effectively. Each 20 L drum removesĀ 1000 square feet of wax.

DoubleStrip isĀ available in 25L and 5L packaging. MOQ = 1 drum (25L) or 1 carton (5 x 5L).

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Key Features

Great for wax stripping

Great for wax stripping

Remove Glue Mark

Remove Glue Mark

Technical Specifications

Chemical NameDouble Strip
Chemical Code312
Packaging5L ( 0880-DoubleStrip-5L ) / 25L ( 0880-DoubleStrip-25L )
MOQ1 carton ( 5 x 5L ) / 1 drum ( 25L )
pH11.0 (+/-0.5)