No Foam Degreaser (215)

Special Autoscrubber Detergent

No Foam(215) is a powerful heavy duty degreaser for rapid removal of grease. This product is formulated specially for use in auto scrubbers so that the low foam produced in the machine’s waste water tank will not interfere with the machine vacuum performance. It is also biodegradable and non-toxic.

6 Important Benefits

  • No foam formula
  • Good cleaning and degreasing properties
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous
  • Biodegradable – environmentally friendly
  • Water soluble and easy rinsing
  • Multipurpose – can be used in kitchens, carparks, workshops, warehouses etc

No Foam Degreaser is available in 5L packaging. MOQ = 1 carton (5 x 5L).

Shake Well before Use

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Key Features

Low Foam

Low Foam

Specially designed for use with autoscrubber.

Technical Specifications

Chemicals NameNo Foam Degreaser
Chemicals Code215
Packaging5L ( 0880-NoFoam-5L )
MOQ1 carton ( 5 x 5L )
FoamNo Foam
pH12 (+/- 0.5)