Micro Autoscrubber

Instant Toilet / Spot Cleaning

The Genie is a baby autoscrubber that is half the size of normal autoscrubbers but works just as well. It is recommended for cleaning smaller areas of less than 3500 sqft. The Genie is the perfect machine to replace the mop and bucket, shaving hours off cleaning times and improving productivity.

Available in Battery and Electrical Cable versions. Made in Italy.

5 Important Benefits

  • Smallest autoscrubber in Singapore
  • Very easy to operate – only 3 buttons
  • Low maintenance – easily accessible
  • Small storage area required
  • Reduce the potential for slips and falls
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Brand: FIMAP

Key Features

Storage & Transport Ease

Storage & Transport Ease

A 180° flexible handle bar is specifically designed for greater ease of storage and transport

Super compact

Super compact

Compact design allows scrubbing, drying and sanitising in a single pass.

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Machine NameGenie BGenie E
Machine TypeBattery Operated AutoscrubbersElectrical Cable Autoscrubbers
SKU No.2163-4000042163-400005
Machine Dimensions (cm)69 (L) x 44 (W) x 112 (H)62 (L) x 44 (W) x 105 (H)
Weight (without battery)42 kg35 kg
Battery1x AGM 12 V 65 Ah-
Cable Length-10 m
Brush Motor12 V / 250 W230 V / 370 W
Suction Motor12 V / 250 W230 V / 250 W
Operating Time1 hour 20 minutesUnlimited
Battery Charging Time6 hours-
Solution Tank10 L8 L
Recovery Tank10 L10 L
Scrubbing Width35 cm (14")35 cm (14")
Squeegee Width45 cm45 cm
Working Capacity1050 sqm/hr1050 sqm/hr
Brush Pressure20 kg18 kg
Sound Level69 dB66 dB

Standard Technologies

fes Reduce energy consumptions up to 35%


ItemSKU No.
Squeegee SetFront: 2164-Z-420648
Back: 2164-Z-420649
Pad Holder 14"2164-Z-422001
Brush 14"2164-Z-421701
AGM Battery 12 V 65 Ah2164-Z-431396
Built-in Battery Charger 12 V 6 A2164-Z-432354

Genie B is supplied complete with squeegee set, 1x battery, built-in battery charger, and pad holder OR brush.

Genie E is supplied complete with squeegee set, 10 m extension wire, and pad holder OR brush.