Micro Ride-on Autoscrubber

High Productivity, Silent

MXR is specially designed to replace walk-behind autoscrubbers. It takes less space than a walk-behind, but cleans 3x as fast!

MXR features a light and smooth steering, it can be used in even the most congested areas and the narrowest passages. Battery version only. Made in Italy.

6 Important Benefits

  • Space saving
  • Clean 3x faster than walk-behind
  • Quiet silent: 54 dB noise level with Eco mode
  • Large 70 L capacity
  • Reduce costs by up to 36%*
  • Increase productivity by 43%*
*test compared with walk-behind machines in conducting maintenance cleaning carried out inside offices
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Brand: FIMAP

Key Features

Small footprint

Small footprint

Micro ride-on no bigger than a walk-behind autoscrubber. Clean small spaces fast!



Intuitive steering wheels and levers only

ECO mode

ECO mode

Eco mode technology reduces noise levels and energy consumption



Up to 4hrs running time on a single charge

Reddot Design Award Winner

Reddot Design Award Winner

International recognised design

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Machine NameMXR
Machine TypeBattery Operated Ride-on Autoscrubbers
SKU No.2163-400016
Machine Dimensions (cm)127 (L) x 60 (W) x 103 (H)
Weight (without battery)110 kg
Battery2 x AGM 12 V 120 Ah
Brush Motor24 V / 450 W
Suction Motor24 V / 310 W
Traction Motor24 V / 300 W
Operating Time4 hours on Eco Mode
Battery Charging Time9 hours
Solution Tank70 L
Recovery Tank70 L
Scrubbing Width56 cm (23’’)
Squeegee Width80 cm
Working Capacity3000 sqm/hr
Brush Pressure23 kg
Sound Level54 dB (with Eco Mode)

Standard Technologies

fss Save up to 50% o water and detergent
fes Reduce energy consumptions up to 35%
fnc Reduce noise disturbance


ItemSKU No.
Squeegee SetFront: 2164-Z-219374
Back: 2164-Z-431024
Pad Holder 23"2165-Z-436236
Brush 23"2164-Z-436233
AGM Battery 12 V 120 Ah4104-Z-DP00027
Battery Charger 24 V 15 A4234-Z-YC-2415

MXR is supplied complete with squeegee set, 2x battery, battery charger, and pad holder OR brush.