GTS 1450

Industrial Ride-on Sweeper

Equipped with heavy duty PTFE filter system, the GTS 1450 is a mid-size performance ride-on sweeper with a cleaning capacity of up to 10875 m² per hour. It’s ideal for outdoor and indoor sweeping applications, such as parking lots, pathways, railway stations, loading bays, warehouses, and industrial settings. With a wide sweeping path of 1.45m, it cleans large floor areas to perfection.  It is built with a strong polyethylene construction integrated with a steel frame providing a robust and powerful machine. 

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Brand: Gadlee

Technical Specifications

Machine NameGTS 1450
Item TypeHigh Performance Ride on Sweeper
Dimensions(mm)1700(L) x 1450 (W) x 1265(H)
Sweeping Path(mm)1450
Maximum Speed7.5km/h
Main Brush Length(mm)710
Hopper Capacity135L
Battery System36V DC
Weight with Batteries650kg