MMG Combi

Sweep And Suck At The Same Time

The MMG Combi combines both sweeper and scrubber in 1 compact machine. It is ideal for carparks and warehouses where there are small debris and litter. Achieve double productivity by using only 1 machine to clean instead of a traditional sweeper and separate auto-scrubber.


  • Advanced ride-on autoscrubber
  • Modern design provides comfort and safety
  • Versatile, able to work in any environment 
  • Combines both sweeper and Scrubber in one machine
  • More Efficient design and usage to increase productivity
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Brand: FIMAP

Key Features

Super Elastic Wheels

Super Elastic Wheels

Rear/ Front Super Elastic Wheels Kit, for minimal vibration and increased comfort.

Cylindrical Brushes

Cylindrical Brushes

Two cylindrical brushes pick up small sized solid debris while scrubbing the floor.

Side Sweeping Brushes

Side Sweeping Brushes

Two Side Sweeping brushes to clean debris.

Technical Specifications

Item NameMMG Combi
Item TypeRide On AutoScrubber
Dimensions (mm)1,602 (L) x 1,242 (H) x 881 (W)
Working Width65 cm
Working Width with Side Brush(2 pcs.) 100 cm
Squeegee Width90 cm
Cylindrical Brushes(2pcs.) 18 x 65.5 cm
Side Brushes(2 pcs.) 33 cm
Solution Tank110 L
Recovery Tank110 L
Noise Level62 dB(A)
Brush Motors(2 pcs.) 600 V/M
Suction Vacuum120 / 150 mbar
Brush rpm (Center/ Side)550 / 65 rpm
Brush Pressure30 - 60 KG
Forward Speed0-8 Km/h
Minimum Aisle Turn195 cm
Battery Weight80 - 140 KG