Scrub‑All Single Disc

Value Multi function Scrubbing Machine

Scrub-All is a value rugged high performance single disc scrubbing machine. 

It delivers effective cleaning results on all types of hard floors, including granite, marble, resin, cement, vinyl, etc.

Scrub-All is very well balanced and comes with additional weights to be used when needed.

5 Important Benefits

  • Powerful 1.5 HP motor gives the maximum performance 
  • Additional weight ( Total weight of 60 Kg) for better cleaning
  • Very competitively priced
  • Heavy duty design, built to last
  • Excellent balance, easy to use with less user fatigue
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Technical Specifications

Machine NameScrub-All Single Disc
Machine TypeSingle Disc Scrubber
SKU No.4033-400004
Power Supply220V / 50 Hz
Motor1.5 HP
Additional Weight1 x 10 Kg
Cable Length12m
Solution Tank12L
Scrubbing Width40cm
Brush Speed175 RPM