SuperDryer LX 50L / 90L

Automatic Dehumidifier for Large Spaces

SuperDryer LX 50L / 90L are professional dehumidifiers that deliver very fast and efficient dehumidification.

SuperDryer LX 50L / 90L are compressor dehumidifiers that draw air by a fan which passes over compressor cooled copper coils, separating water from air. It condensates water vapour to release heat, producing warm dry air that is perfect for drying clothes, wet carpets and paints, removing excess moisture and bad odour.



  • Automatic start when humidity is high

  • Automatic restart in the event of power failure

  • Automatic defrost prevents ice formation

  • Automatic shut down when temperature drops below 0O

  • Automatic water pump for drainage

  • High performance – rapid drying with up to 700 / 850 m3/hr of airflow

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Technical Specifications

Machine NameSuperDryer LX50LSuperDryer LX90L
Machine TypeDehumidifierDehumidifier
SKU No.4083-8000064083-800007
Power Supply220 - 240 V / 50 Hz220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
Power Consumption700 W1260 W
Dehumidifier Capacity50 L / Day (30 degree, 80%)90 L / Day (30 degree, 80%)
Noise Level<52 dB<60 dB
Air Circulation700 m3/hr850 m3/hr
Refrigerant / ChargeR410aR410a
Working Temperature5-38 degree5-38 degree
Recommended Room Size40 - 50 m2 (Height = 2.6 m)90 - 120 m2 (Height = 2.6 m)
Auto DefrostYesYes
Control TypeElectronicElectronic
BodyPowder coated steelPowder coated steel