Turbo SuperBlower

SuperSteam’s Most Powerful Air Blower

The SuperSteam Turbo SuperBlower features a redesigned air-flow chamber, equipped with the next generation 1200 W Motor which circulates 2472 CFM of air. Built-in trolley handle and wheels enable users to quickly reposition in areas that require quick drying or ventilation. Turbo SuperBlower comes in 3 speed settings, is stackable for easy storage and tilts for drying in higher areas. For convenience, it features an integrated carry handle with cable management system.



  • Extremely powerful air blower – generates 2472 CFM of air at maximum setting

  • Time saving – especially for drying carpets

  • Built-in trolley handle with wheels for fast and easy repositioning

  • Stackable design with integrated carry handle and cable management system

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Technical Specifications

Machine NameTurbo SuperBlower with Trolley Handle
Machine TypePortable Air Mover
SKU No.4083-800009
Dimensions (cm)48 (L) x 45.5 (W) x 49 (H)
Cable Length5 m
Voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Motor1.5 HP
Maximum Air Flow2472 CFM
BodyHigh density polypropylene with specially moulded impellers