Bendy Bit 60 cm

Clear Dust Easily

Light and ergonomic. Inclining up to 270°. Used for dusting hard-to-reach surfaces like tops of wardrobes, ledges or behind beds and cupboards.

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Key Features

Easily clean cupboard tops

Easily clean cupboard tops

Technical Specifications

Item NameBendy Bit 60cmRefill for Bendy Bit
Dimension (L x W)82cm x 15cm60cm x 15cm

Each set Bendy Bit 60cm consists of:

1 x Bendy Bit 60cm (2082-940006)

1 x Acrylic Refill for Bendy Bit 60cm (2082-940007)


Item NameSKU
Acrylic Refill for Bendy Bit 60cm2082-940007