Bissell Carpet Sweeper

Dual Rotating Brush

Great for Quick Pick-ups

Bissell Carpet Sweeper provides a simple and inexpensive way to keep carpet, rugs and hard floors clean.  It is ultra portable and very easy to use. This is a great tool to pick up daily dirt and unexpected dry debris. Sweepers are also suitable for cleaning loose rugs that might otherwise get sucked up during vacuuming. The unique twin roller brush system with 4 corner brushes effectively sweeps and  collects from all corners of floor in both forward and backwards motion.


 5 Important Benefits

  • Ultra quiet – No motor system, great for cleaning at restaurants, hotels, schools, offices, hospitals etc

  • Better sweep – 4 corner brushes with 2 rows of brushes

  • Life-long product lifecycle – Brushes can be replaceable

  • Easy to manoeuvre – Clean forwards and backwards, soft   rubber wheels for smooth motion on floors and carpet

  • Durable build

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Key Features

Replaceable Roller Brushes

Replaceable Roller Brushes

Twin Roller Brushes to Pick Up Large or Small Debris

Twin Roller Brushes to Pick Up Large or Small Debris

Great Balance For Better Sweeping Results

Great Balance For Better Sweeping Results

Technical Specifications

ItemSKU No.
Machine NameBissell Carpet Sweeper
Machine TypeManual Carpet Sweeper
SKU No.6012-940001
Machine Dimensions (cm)27 (L) x 50 (W) x 32 (H)
Weight1.8 kg
2 x Hopper Capacity0.57 L
Cleaning Width20 cm