Caution Cone Square 92 cm

Stable & Robust Tall Cone

  • Recommended for outdoor environments
  • Additional weight available for the Caution Cone Square 92 cm
  • Caution cones are useful to cordon off an area from public access by using plastic chain (4034-910902) or extension belt (4034-910906)
  • Various accessories are available to draw extra attention from the public and to add stability
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Technical Specifications

Item NameCaution Cone Square 92cm
Dimension (L x W x H)32cm x 32cm x 92cm


Item NameSKU
Caution Cone Platic Chain ( Per Meter)4034-910902
Caution Cone Square Weight 4.5kg4034-910903
Caution Cone Sign Holder4034-910904
Caution Cone Flash Light4034-910905
Caution Cone Extension Belt 2m4034-910906
Caution Cone Extension Belt 2m Bottom Catch4034-910906-1
Caution Cone Lock In Sign4182-910005