CleanMaster CM50

Made in Germany.

5L Gloria CleanMaster CM50 Alkaline Resistant Industrial Sprayer for most dilute alkaline solutions. It has an automatic and manual safety pressure valve. 

Great for use in fiber glass industry, graffiti removal, car painting agents cleaning chemicals.

There are two different types of lances for the Alkaline Resistant Sprayers, Brass or PVC. 

A high-performance pressure sprayer for diverse fields of application

Hose made of reinforced PVC, plastic spray lance with acid resistant flat fanspray nozzle, lance extension 0.5 m 

The following agents have been tested and approved for use:
• Nitric acid up to 10%
• Acetic acid up to 10%
• Propanoic acid up to 10%
• Hydrochloric acid up to 10%
• Phosphoric acid up to 30%
• Sulfuric acid up to 30%
• Lime potash up to 20%
• Soda lye up to 20%

This information does not apply to mixtures or compounds! Equipment is not suitable for use with oleaginous liquids.

Note: Do not use this sprayer with high dilution ratios, alkaline or petroleum based solvents

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Technical Specifications

Item NameCleanMaster CM50
Total Capacity7.5 L
Liquid Capacity5L
Max Operating Pressure3 Bar
Spring MaterialInox
PumpEfficient Pump
Container MaterialStable Plastic (HDPE)
Carrying SystemReady to be shouldered
Safety ValveYes
Adjustable NozzleYes