Dutch Silent Pad

Perform Silently

Dutch Silent Pads are made of microfiber. They are designed for cleaning smooth floors with autoscrubbers.

Unlike others pad or brush, the Dutch Silent Pads are so silent. You will be greatly surprised! The silence is especially obvious with quiet models like the FIMAP MMX or Freedom 50B.

 3 Important Benefits

  • Whisper silent while scrubbing the floor
  • Reduce up to 75% of water & chemicals
  • Durable and washable till 60°

Made in Holland. 

Dutch Silent Pads available in box of 5 pads. MOQ = 1 box (5 pads)

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Key Features

Designed for cleaning smooth floor with autoscrubbers

Designed for cleaning smooth floor with autoscrubbers

Technical Specifications

Item NameDutch Silent Pad
Size13" ( 2231-970004 ) / 20" ( 2231-970008 )
Packaging5 pads per box
MOQ1 box ( 5 pads )
Made inHolland

Dutch Silent Pad are recommended to work with autoscrubbers like FIMAP MMX, Freedom 50B.