Microfiber Mop Stick

Keep Floors Dry

Widely used in toilets, lobby entrances and hospitals, the microfiber mop dry floors and remove light stains effectively due to its microfiber magic.

5 Important Benefits

  • Comes complete with pole, frame and Ultra640 value pad
  • Ultra640 Value Pads are replaceable and reusable
  • Pads are attached to frame using velcro, thus can be removed easily
  • Easy access around and under furniture due to 180° angle rotation
  • Rust-free aluminium frame for long-lasting usage
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Technical Specifications

ItemMicrofiber Mop Stick 40cm SetMicrofiber Mop Stick 60cm Set
Dimension (LxW)40cm x 12cm60cm x 12cm
Pole Length140cm140cm

Each Microfiber Mop Stick 40cm Set come with:

  •  1 x Microfiber Mop Frame 40cm 940010)
  •  1 x Pro-stick (4032-940052)
  •  1 x Ultra 640 – SuperValue Microfiber Pads (4012-960011)

Each Microfiber Mop Stick 60cm Set come with:

  •  1 x Microfiber Mop Stick 60cm (0122-940002)
  •  1 x Ultra 660 – SuperValue Microfiber Pads (4012-960021)


Item NameSKU
Microfiber Mop Frame 40 cm4032-940010
Handle 150 cm4032-940003
Use with Ultra640 Microfiber Value Pads 40 cm (Blue)4012-960011

Ultra 640 Microfiber Value Pads available in 4 colour: blue, red, yellow and green.

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