Ranger MAX Litter Picker

World’s Toughest Litterpicker

Ranger MAX is designed for the toughest jobs and outdoor litter picking. Made with high grade aluminium material with industrial strength rubberised jaws, it is light but strong enough for prolonged use. Its 87 cm length is the most optimal for picking up litter. The picker’s red rubber jaw opens up to 11 cm for large items picking and can be used in wet environments.

Ideal for picking up small debris to large objects such as glass bottles, cigarette butts, beer cans, wooden branches etc.


 5 Important Benefits

  • Durable, chemical resistant and high grade aluminium

  • Flexible wide jaw picks up most litter

  • Ergonomic 87 cm length requires no bending

  • Lightweight for easy handling and storage

  • Works in dry or extremely wet environments

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