TTS Microfiber Mop Frame

To Dry Floor Effectively

The TTS Microfiber Mop Frame is designed with 3600  articulated joint that allows cleaners to move it around easily and reach difficult surfaces such as low areas under furniture. The frame is made of sturdy and light Polypropylene (PP) with universal ring that fits all mop sticks between 18 to 23 mm in diameter.


5 Important Benefits

  • Flexible 3600 articulated joint to easily rotate and reach under furniture areas
  • Durable Polypropylene (PP) hinge that will not rust and resistant to water and chemicals
  • Durable Velcro strip to fasten on/ off cleaning pads easily
  • Easy access around and tight areas due to 180° angle rotation
  • Universal ring joint that fits mop sticks from 18 to 23 mm in diameter


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Brand: TTS

Technical Specifications

Item NameSKU No
TTS Microfiber Mop Frame 40 cm2084-930036
TTS Microfiber Mop Frame 60 cm2084-930035