SYR V Sweepe

Large Area Dust Control Mop

SYR V Sweepe is ideal for large area sweeping due to its large working width. Dirt and waste can be gathered easily in the middle of the V Sweepe to be removed later. Ideal for sweeping large smooth floors such as in shopping malls, auditoriums, hotels and public indoor spaces.

 6 Important Benefits

  • Gather dust and waste easily
  • Large area sweeping made easy (max 2 m length)
  • Sleeves washable and replaceable
  • Robust and durable frame for long-lasting usage
  • High quality SYR UK design
  • Fully adjustable working width

Note:  We recommended NOT to wet the sleeves or wash. A better way to clean the sleeves is to dry vacuum it.


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Brand: SYR

Key Features

Fully extended

Fully extended

Maximum 2m sweeping width

Fold to reduce size

Fold to reduce size

Fold to reduce size as required

Technical Specifications

Item NameSYR V Sweepe
Dimension (L x W)100cm x 40cm

Each set of SYR V Sweepe supplied complete with:

  • 1 x V Sweepe Frame Only (4132-940026)
  • 1 x Sleeves Red (Pair) (4132-940027)


Item DescriptionSKUDimension
V Sweepe Frame Only4132-940026100cm each side
Sleeves Red (Pair)4132-940027100cm x 20cm each